Donations Year by Year

  • 2008 186 lbs of food $461.56 dollars
  • 2009 186 lbs of food $511.00 dollars
  • 2010 440 lbs of food $1,590.25 dollars
  • 2011 410lbs of food $1,475 dollars
  • 2012 452lbs of food $1,407.07 dollars
  • 2013 354 lbs of food $887.61 dollars
  • 2014 347 lbs of food $1,458.25 dollars
  • 2015 323 lbs. of food $2059.12 dollars
  • 2016 336 lbs. of food $1158.53 dollars
  • 2017 389 lbs. of food $1505.30 dollars
  • 2018 409 lbs. of food $1905.30 dollars

Total Donations

3,832 lbs. of food and $14429.66 dollars

Each year we are collecting donations for the Wadena County Food Shelf. Friends of Christmas in Wadena who wish to send monetary gifts to help the food shelf may do so by writing a check made out to: "Project Share of Wadena County" and sending it to the site address. Thank you kindly. 100% of all donations collected in the donation bin in front of the display will go directly to the food shelf to help combat the hunger problem in our area. The food shelf purchases food for a penny a ounce. The look in the managers eyes when I hand her the check, bring in all the food dropped off from the bin out front, is priceless! If your feeling sad and blue, be thankful for what you do have and know that your gift goes along way right here in our area.

One quick story. While shopping a young woman approached me and thanked me for helping the food shelf. Being a single mother of three little girls, she lost her job, lost her marriage and needed help. Went to the food shelf for a few months for help just to feed her family. Now gainfully employed, she takes her children to the bin out front of the display and puts food in to help the next family. Brings a tear to her girl's eyes.